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Ultimate credit for every good thing belongs to God, the supreme Word, Author, Artist, Designer, Counselor, Helper, and so much more! The origin of all that is true, sound, and just.

Hi! I’m Shelli Owen, author, writer, Bible student, and artist.

Living with my husband, Bruce, in the Pacific Northwest. We are practicing Christ followers (non- and inter-denominational).
Mother of five adult children: Jessika, Rachel, Mary, Ruth, and Elijah; and "Nana" to five grandchildren: Jaxtyn, Joya, Adira, Isaac, and Judah.

My favorite pastimes are walking, hiking, reading, bike riding, stargazing, spending time at the coast, learning new things (from the Bible, especially), artistic endeavors (mainly painting), and hanging out with family and friends.

Jesus is my light and my life.

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