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SOCIAL JUSTICE – “Weal or Woe?” Series

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

“Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore;

those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.”

(Psalm 12:1)

statue of blindfolded woman holding scales in one hand and a sword in the other

Not long after we were married, my husband, Bruce, and I ended up in Germany where we lived for a few years. He was stationed at Wildflecken, which had been repurposed after World War II as a US Army training area. It was still heart-chilling, even after the many years between, to think some buildings there were formerly occupied by the German (Nazi) land forces or Wehrmacht (“defense power”) and the “Waffen-SS.”

One day, Bruce and I went for a hike in the area. Nestled on the side of the hill among some ruins was a sort of overgrown, park-like area with some obscure trails. There were stone monuments spaced out along the “trail” engraved with words accompanied by large numbers. I asked Bruce what they were (he was a German linguist for the Army).

Each one of the markers bore a number that represented hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of individuals killed in World War II—Jews, Russians, Americans, British, French, and persons from other ethnicities and nations as well—including Germans. The total number of human beings annihilated by other human beings was staggering. At least sixty-six million! All these souls, each worth worlds and who had once belonged to someone, had been—deserving or not—judged as waste, fit only for elimination.

It also seemed odd—but then again, understandable—that this “park” had been allowed to go to ruin. I had previously understood that a lot of people and their property were destroyed during this war. But seeing this tangible evidence depicting actual numbers of individuals killed—in one of the places from which these deaths originated—was staggering. Something impossible to forget. I felt guilty by association, by the mere fact of being human and being in that place. Was there any of the substance of hatred or indifference—which had been at the root of all this killing—also somewhere in my own human nature?

There will never be adequate words for anyone to convey the total awfulness of the degree of hatred or indifference behind this kind of killing, let alone the reality of the consequences of it.

And yet—as I later became aware—this atrocity was just one part of an over-arching, highly oppressive death machine, which was already in the works well before World War II. In my last “Considering Issues...” blog, I discussed the influence Darwinian science has had on belief in God, also some paradoxes, and possible “woes” that have arisen as a result.[1] Once Darwinian “science” became popular in European, Australian, and North American universities in the mid to late eighteen hundreds, it opened the door—wide—for some hugely impactful humanist, i.e. godless, social movements. Movements that, along with Darwinian “science,” not only persuaded adherents they could embrace the belief there is no God but also impelled them to believe they should absolutely and forcibly get rid of belief in God in all those less “educated” than themselves. The re-education of believers in God became, in fact, one of their main goals.

Unsurprisingly, wherever these intentionally belief-quelling, God-suppressing movements have spread, objective moral values and standards have been ousted. Relativism and Subjectivism have arisen and thrived instead. New paradoxes have been created by this movement regarding God and Jesus Christ. And more “woes” than ever have arisen from this movement.

This God-repressing movement, founded in Darwinian atheism has developed into a score of socio-economic-political movements, which laid and hatched both Marxism with its practical offshoots of Communism and Socialism and includes the National Socialism (Nazism) behind World War II.[2] In this article, I’m going to address these Marxist-based ideologies.[3] In another article, I may try to address the Fascist ideologies, which were also present and part of WWII that have been no less brutal though maybe less lethal than Marxist ideologies as a whole. Also, for the sake of time and attention span, I can only deal with Marxism in a very general way. If you’d like more details, I’ve included a few sources in my endnotes. It is these sources that back up what I’m asserting here with some historical evidence. (With my limitations these sources cannot be comprehensive. I hope you’ll do research of your own.) You’ll still need to bear with me, even this shortened, broad version is pretty long.

The declared objective of Marxism (Communism and Socialism) was, and still is, to eliminate class distinctions and create social equality.[4] This sounds fair enough. However, Marxist ideologues have ever insisted their godless Marxist way of accomplishing this feat is supreme over all other ways. They have acted in opposition to their own varied declarations about the “ignorant masses” that “don’t know better,”[5] because they selectively decide who those “ignorant masses” are that their “helping.” They firmly believe their way must be imposed on all, and supremely it must be directed to re-educate those who still believe in God.[6] These ideologues are determined there must be no God, and that all “good” must and will be accomplished by humans alone—humans with a “right,” Marxist-based understanding.[7]

Adherents to Marxist ideologies see the Marxist way as the ultimate, best, highest, superior way. A way especially far above that of those who really or only supposedly believe in God. This is the first paradox. All human-made belief systems or religions have the same characteristics, including those who claim to believe in God, but, who in reality have merely set up their own human belief system in God’s name. The Marxists with their “better way” have committed to an even greater degree the same errors as false religionists have perpetuated on the world. Especially, in their pride of ideology and seeking to force or impose their way on others.

In their ideological pride, those who are convinced the Marxist-based way is best will bow to no “lower” way or authority other than their own (and all others are considered lower). They aren’t teachable or willing to dialogue. Because their ideology sounds so high and good to them, they aren’t interested in any different way. They aren’t willing to engage in competition. In fact, they won’t allow it. They don’t see any need to give people a choice in the matter—their way is that much better in their eyes.[8]

It’s easy to see how throughout the history of this amoral (godless) movement, it would espouse the policy: “The end justifies the (or any) means.” This method has been mercilessly and ruthlessly implemented. Marxist-based ideologues have no qualms about forcing their “superior” agenda on people through twists and turns of speech, lies, half-truths, manipulation of information and terms, and finally by conveniently slandering, maligning, or getting rid of people or groups who get in the way of “progress.”

So far, the results of Marxist-based ambition in the world are that these ideologues have often effectively eliminated the targeted classes of “ignorant” or “oppressive” people they’ve wanted to remove (often by imprisoning or annihilating them), but they have also eliminated so much more in the process. Marxist-based ideologues have brought their own just-as-harsh if not harsher distinctions, which reject most of what makes people unique and human. This is because they are basically trying to remove freedom or human free will in exchange for full compliance to their (current) agenda.

It is true that the greater the degree of freedom a people have, the greater their chances of failure; however, their chances of wonderful, glorious success and accomplishment are also proportionately greater. Marxists are not taking any chances. They want to force “success”—as they define it. To these ideologues, success is their (ever-changing) notion of “perfect equality” or “equity.”

Historically, the Marxist-based idea of “equality” has had a way of blurring and morphing into a quest for sameness.[9] So, as people push their Marxist-based agendas forward, they also have effectively eliminated freedom of speech, the pursuit of individual purpose, and other forms of autonomy or personal expression not pre-approved by them. This ideology—empowered—seeks to crush the beauty of the human spirit, uniqueness, creativity, and most of the rest of what makes us particularly human and makes life worth living. Despite differing claims, the arts do not readily continue or thrive (unless the current party leader has the same taste) under long-term Marxist-based government or rule. Depression, oppression, and suicide do.

The historical and current reality is that the implementation of Marxist-based distinctions has been used to justify the killing of millions upon millions of people. Communism is purported—not by its own “comrades” of course and depending on the source—to have taken by its imposition 80–148 million lives![10] The numbers reported by Marxist-leaning adherents are predictably far, far lower: 10–20 million—undeniably related—deaths.[11] Why this notable disparity? Communist regimes generally do not “count” their imposed starvation or deprivation strategies or even the inadvertent—sicknesses or physical and mental breakdowns that are the result of Communist practices and punitive measures—as being responsible for the deaths of the millions of people who have died due to the unmerciful enforcement of their ideologies. The numbers reported by the “underground” or “subversives” to interested outsiders (often journalists from outside countries) are the reason for the much higher numbers. These “subversives”— who are regularly punished “for unlawful behavior” under Communist regimes are very often Christians who obviously believe in God or Jews merely by birth or by practice as well. But “subversives” are also comprised of the “traitors” who truly don’t agree, or who allegedly (by false report) don’t agree with the current party line. These “dissidents,” not the Marxist party, are the ones who have reported, besides ill-treatment, the murders or deaths by mistreatment of family, friends, or associates.[12]

Deaths and oppressions as a result of, also Marxist-based, Socialism are much harder to pin down. However, since its inception, with the social, then economical-political espousal of this godless, amoral leaning, the number of abortions and euthanasia have risen substantially.[13] In other words, wherever, and to the degree Socialism has gained influence or a foothold, worldwide, death by these means has proportionately risen and become the “norm.” Socialist ideologies push abortion and euthanasia as being “economic” or “health” issues that promote “fairness” and “equality” for all, rather than what they are: moral or heart issues.[14] It’s an insidious, intentional, though indirect way of separating people from belief in God and objective truth or morals. Of course, not all godlessness or lack of morality is a result of the implementation of Socialist or Marxist ideologies; but these so-inclined ideologues have repeatedly used their power and influence socially, economically, and politically to intentionally seek “freedom” and “equality” to implement these ends, by law, for all people in all free countries (until they aren’t free anymore). Hypocritically, they insinuate these means are for the good of those who would use them. What they want is for people to be “free” of God and moral social standards that, again paradoxically, in truth, preserve societies.

This particular brand of godlessness pushed by now rampant Socialist ideologies has been and is responsible for millions of baby killings or abortions and suicides—by euthanasia and through hopelessness—since the inception of Marxism. On November 25, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported: “Around 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year.”[15] In “progressive” leaning (code for Socialist), “post-Christian” United States in 2020 alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that “A total of 620,327 abortions...were reported...from 49 reporting areas.”[16] This number was lower than the Guttmacher Institute’s much higher report of 930,160 abortions the same year.[17] Either way, since records have been kept (1972), it is clear that abortion has become a “way of life” where it was once a rarity and was considered inhumane and immoral in most instances. Human euthanasia, beginning with a push for its legalization—as well as its underhanded application by those who are sure they are acting “mercifully” on behalf of an unknowing patient (ideological pride)—follows on the heels of abortion to increase the numbers of human deaths. This is another result of the “higher” and “better” Socialist way of thinking.

Again, I’m speaking in generalities, but the huge numbers of killings by abortion and deaths by suicide (assisted and not) have not come about by chance. They have had a general cause—an intentional push behind them—and that is to eliminate God and objective moral standards from the public—and private—arena. Moral standards that provide social stability.

Besides the huge numbers of related deaths and killings that have come as a consequence of the imposition of Marxist ideologies, I’ve mentioned oppression. Unmercifully treated, as long as they remain alive, are the even greater number of people subjected to every imaginable form of inhumane oppression. It is done in the name of furthering Marxist ideas of “equality” (or “equity”). It turns out that these kinds of oppression are common in both Communist and Socialist regimes, to varying degrees.

Those who are perceived to be opposed to the currently most popular Marxist-based ideology—or who are “purportedly” associated with the opposition (the truth doesn’t matter)—have received the following kinds of treatment. They have, in great numbers, been disarmed and silenced; fired from or forced to leave their jobs; been denied work permits or visas (that are only issued by the government); had some if not all their property confiscated—guns or other weapons taken first; been randomly imprisoned without a fair trial; been cut off from communications with family and/or community or communications have been put under surveillance and censorship; been expelled from school; been sent without warning or trial to harsh “re-education” camps and/or their children sent without their permission to state schools; been purposely left to starve or dehydrate or the prices of food and commodities have been raised so high or become so rare they are unobtainable; been kept in barely livable conditions (while party members enjoy luxurious houses or accommodations that once belonged to others); been consigned to forced labor in all weather and seasons, doing useless work projects that fail repeatedly; been tortured for whatever “information” or “truth” the party (or Marxist idealogue) is looking for; and they have been mistreated in other equally insane, distinctively unjust ways. All these kinds of things are a documented, verifiable part of the history and track record of what zealous adherents to Marxist-based ideologies have done to people—other human beings.[18]

“Oh, but my brand of Marxism—Democratic Socialism—is and will be different,” says one more ideologue with eyes shut to history, experience, and results.8 Truly, when the (amoral and godless) “solution” of the Marxist-based ideal is the revered focus, no other way might be considered. Truth or reality will be discounted “for the greater good” that will allegedly come.

It is specifically because of this self-imposed—sometimes fear-imposed—ideological blindness that this form of human-imposed death, tyranny, misery, and suffering has been able to flourish. This is how some of the most horrendous, too-numerous-to-count human-originated atrocities against fellow human beings in recent centuries by supposedly “enlightened,” “civilized,” and “modern” social-economical-political means have been perpetrated.[19]

For a long time, Marxist ideologies were largely resisted in the “free world,” but there have been seeds (some I’ve noted) that have been planted, and they have not lain dormant. In the United States, in the last few decades especially, Socialism has established a stronghold—mainly through our education system, the entertainment industry, and of late, social media. But here in the U.S.A. (largely following Europe’s lead), a new twist has been added to the Marxist-based ideology to make it palatable to more people. The new stated goal is a supposed fight for “social justice” in a war against “racial,” “ethnocentric,” and “gender” distinctions to bring about “equality for all.” Which again, sounds wonderful, and yet, as always, the Marxist-based ideology for achieving “equality for all” has been causing new and more inequities, distinctions, divisions, and oppression than ever before.

People have assigned different names to the Marxist ideologies and movements in the U.S.A. as they have evolved. Some of the more recent names have been: “the Progressive (political) Party,” “Progressivism (political-social-reform movement),” “Democratic Socialists,”[20] “the Woke” (as in “social awareness”), “Black Lives Matter” supporters, “Critical Race Theory” advocates, “Empaths” (misapplied from psychiatry), and so on. These are fluid categories that are often interconnected or intermixed and continually changing names. However, one common phrase that has remained a constant theme and goal between them all is “social justice.” What exactly is meant by “social justice” in this Marxist-based sense? How is it defined?

Having Marxist roots, the thrust of this brand of “social justice” is to achieve social, economic, and political “equality”—the Socialist way (without God), and on pushing people in society to divorce themselves, foremost from belief in and reliance on God or objective truth and values, but sometimes also from each other. Family is very much downplayed, heavily criticized, and discouraged by passionate Marxists of all stripes. The “God” and “family” pushed by Socialism is Socialism. Socialists—by any name they choose—are determined to socially, economically, and politically “redeem” humankind by their own human power and means and make them “equal” without God.

The Marxist-based ideologues in the U.S.A. have theoretically taken under their wings those they have defined as being oppressed or victimized and have claimed solidarity with them. For example, current supporters of this “social justice” movement represent their organization(s) as being the sole and best advocates of “people of color,” the “LGBTQ+” communities, “women,” and other people groups they have deemed “marginalized.”

They focus on just how “victimized,” “oppressed,” “marginalized,” etc. the people in these groups are (and many of them truly are); so these groups the Socialists have deemed deserving of their so-called “support” might more fully appreciate their “support.” Simultaneously the Socialists claim everyone else—especially people who believe in God or seek to uphold more objective, “conservative” values—is opposed to these same groups. They intentionally, and sometimes systematically, villainize non-conforming persons or groups or the so-called (by them) “majority.” Anyone or any group that is or is supposed by them to be opposed to their Marxist ideologies and tactics or their way of doing things is assuredly given a bad name.

They have turned language into a powerful tool. Dedicated adherents to these Marxist-based ideologies are the instigators of “political correctness” in speech and “equality” or “equity” rhetoric. These ideologues have coined terms to give new meanings to old words. For example, declaring themselves to be “progressive,” or “victim advocates,” or “woke,” or “empaths,” etc.—as if no one else is. They have also coined euphemisms to eliminate past negative connotations or denotations attached to certain words. Examples of this are declaring themselves to be “pro-choice,” when abortion is meant; or reporting they have “misspoken” when caught in a blatant lie; or declaring themselves “affirming and tolerant,” when they are anything but these to people who don’t agree with them; etc. Naturally and predictably, the terms they have created, rather than being descriptive, downplay or ignore reality, objective truth, and consequences—in other words, morality.

Marxist-based ideologues have specially tuned people (themselves included) to consider certain words “trigger words” that alert them to what should be considered offensive and to people or groups who should be avoided or shunned. By being aware of this misused vocabulary, people can safely avoid hearing or being “hurt or offended” by certain groups of people. (Can you guess who those groups of people include?) “Educating” people, especially young people, regarding these terms alone has effectively shut down dialogue between whole groups of people. Worst of all, these words assigned to people or groups keep “those in the know” from thinking of the pre-assigned “undesirables” as being human, like themselves. These words create a wall of separation. There is no mercy. It’s important to note here that this kind of division is not unique to Marxists, it is inherent in the human race. But this misuse is readily applied by Socialist ideologues to promote their agenda.

Some of the Marxist-assigned discussion-stopping, distance-creating labels that have been attached to their selected “opposition” are as follows: “privileged white people,” “white males,” “Conservatives,” “Republicans,” “churchgoers,” “Evangelical Christians,” and on the list goes. By implication, God-related words, but especially words like “sin,” “God the Father,” “forgiveness,” “repentance,” and similar are examples of words that are meant to “trigger” avoidance, disdain, or even outright hatred. This is true especially, for any persons who connect themselves positively with the Lord, God of the Old Testament. To such people or groups “progressives” have applied the labels: “oppressors,” “tyrants,” “racists,” “bigots,” “privileged,” “white supremacists,” “xenophobes,” “genocidal maniacs,” “Islamophobes,” and so on.

All these and more names are assigned with the inference that all those in these “objectionable” people groups—to whom the “progressive,” “woke,” “Democratic Socialists,” or other approved people groups “in the know” have assigned these labels—are all assuredly insensitive, ignorant, negatively discriminatory, deluded, cold-blooded, hateful, and even intentionally and wantonly cruel. There is every reason to avoid any dialogue with such as these and to annihilate them and their ways from society, This is currently done by shunning—or “canceling,” “dissing,” or otherwise dehumanizing—these undesirables. Again, remember that this kind of labeling is not isolated to atheistic Socialists. I’m just noting how it is used by them.

In the last few years especially, “progressives” as a whole, have felt free and justified to perpetrate on those they have deemed “oppressive” or “abusive”—in other words, people who are non-conformative to their imperatives for “equality” and “social justice”—any and all slander, censorship, job loss, injury to reputation, estrangement, and the breaking or dissolution of familial ties. Other blanket actions that “progressives” have lately deemed fully justifiable—no questions asked—have been the throwing off of all equated police or military authority. (All three of these groups, “police,” “military,” and “authority” have been given a blanket bad name). This has resulted in uncontrolled rioting, the unhindered destruction of public and private property, unrestrained public and private theft, unchecked drug use and violence, and other forms of generally allowed public and private chaos that are reigning in the U.S.A. currently. This allowance doesn’t acknowledge the harm all these actions have brought on individuals and the economy as a whole, including, sometimes especially, numerous “people of color,” “women,” and others belonging to their supposedly supported or protected people groups.

Besides these general results, one of the biggest problems with this “new” brand of Marxism in Europe and the U.S.A. is that the distinctions or “social inequities” this “social justice” movement is attempting to eliminate are not based on things people or society can change or reform in reality. At least not without violence against a human’s psyche, physical body, or property—including their own. They are based on the unchangeable aspects of one’s skin color (DNA-based), ethnicity (one’s origins and birth family), and gender (DNA-based). As a result, the consequences of implementing these ideologies can only be—and have only been—utterly and sometimes irreversibly destructive, divisive, and hurtful in the lives of individuals and communities.[21]

Another foundational problem Marxist ideologues have is that they, themselves, are just as human as their supposed opponents. The same kinds of human faults that reside in their “opposition” also reside in the Marxist ideologues themselves. But these ideologues are so focused on “social justice”—the Marxist-based way—they cannot see the distinctions and inequities they are themselves perpetuating. By only focusing on the “injustices” that they, themselves, perceive as being injustices; and by only going after those that they deem as being the perpetrators of this supposed—or real—injustice, they fail completely to see the, sometimes ever greater, injustices they themselves are committing or inflicting. By ignoring or justifying their own injustices (sins!) they somehow feel free to impose injustice on others at will. This is done without a second thought, with the belief that they are, themselves, justified in their hurtful actions (also real injustices) toward others—as long as these aren’t their chosen “injustices.” They are doing the same—or worse—than those they are accusing of injustice or oppression. And they are justifying it through their ideology—just as other human beings of all persuasions have ever done.

The issue for these ideologues truly isn’t about gaining equality and supporting oppressed people. It is about doing things the Marxist way—without God—for the glory of Marxism or of having brought “equality” by their means, by human, means alone. It is flat-out rebellion against God and anything, or anyone, God-related. This is the crux of Marxism. It believes it is God and it wants to be God alone, without competition.

Paradoxically, the one true God the Marxists reject—because He doesn’t deliver the “oppressed” from their “oppressors” their way or in their timing—is the same Being in whom there is no unrighteousness or injustice at all. God is the only Being throughout human history, who has been and continues to be perfectly just. Yet, He, who has the right to be the most put out by human injustice, is also the most merciful Being in all the universe. He is the same God who sent Jesus Christ to represent the full truth about Him being both just and merciful toward us—His creations.

It is another paradox that the God the Marxists reject offers them the mercy through Jesus Christ that they, that we all, need before His only true and perfect justice. At one time or another, we have all been unjust or sinned against God and one another—against pure justice. All except Jesus. So, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21); since “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

God’s inspired word (in the Bible) states that “the wages [or consequences] of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23). God, as the creator of humankind, is also finally responsible for each one of us on earth to whom He has given life and sustained or allowed to live. He has always promised He will execute judgment on unrepented injustice—in the end, if not sooner. But He’s also always given a way through a sacrificial mediator—first, a symbolic lamb; then, the Lamb of God (Jesus)—allowing us to repent or return to Him and to do what’s right or truly just.

Only God, who is perfectly just, has the right to extend mercy. He has extended costly mercy through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to all humankind. Yet even in this—as in all circumstances—God leaves each of us free to choose. He doesn’t ever force or even desire to force people to do things His way. (Though He can be pretty persuasive at times.)

What will a perfectly just God do with those who reject His mercy? He will give them the very justice they crave so much for others to practice or receive. These will receive a just judgment or what they deserve for their injustice. They will be given punishment and death without mercy—just as they have been unmerciful to others, and because they have rejected God’s mercy.

Paradoxically again, to justify themselves, with their own brand of hypocrisy, Marxists—and Atheists in general—hold the justice-bringing and -affirming violence of God or His judgments that they see in the Old Testament against Him. They do this while their own ideology has brought unjust violence and oppression to innumerable souls that they cannot redeem. They ignore the destruction in the wake of their own ideology while they severely judge the “genocide” of the Canaanites in the Old Testament. Nor can they forgive the supposed “Christians” in their Crusades against the Muslims to take over Jerusalem and the holy lands, and so on. (These are the two that have been thrown at Christians the most.) Yet another paradox is that while Marxists are accusing God and His followers of bringing genocide and death into the world, the imposition of the Marxist agenda has brought, and continues to bring, about a far, far greater toll in misery and death, without the mercy and redemption from death and misery that God continually offers, which mercy and redemption they reject.

God’s given us choices, along with encouragement and warnings to guide us toward what’s right and just. His encouragement and mercies, as well as His warnings and just instructions or commandments, are recorded in the Bible Testaments—not for us to judge, but so we can receive His mercy, which we don’t deserve. Through the God-inspired Bible record, God has given a multitude of pictures of mercy as well as of justice, to give us hope as well as to warn us of justice or judgment that will come.[22]

Another paradox that a close reading of the Old Testament reveals, which ironically the “equality-seeking” Marxists won’t see because they reject God, is this. It is clearly God’s will, and it has always been His expressed heart’s desire that His people, beginning with the leaders of His people, care for the widows, the fatherless, the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, and the “aliens” within society[23]—in other words, the “marginalized,” “victims,” “orphans,” “underprivileged,” “homeless,” “immigrants,” and such like. If and when His people have failed to do this, God has declared they have failed at being His people and He has disowned them as they have disowned those they should have been caring for. All the sins the people of God committed (and still commit) tied back to the injunction, in one form or another, that they love God, and in so doing love other human beings as He does and as He has commanded His people to do.

When Jesus, God’s only true representative came to earth, He reiterated this as no other has ever done.[24] The social justice He lived and taught was and is the only true social justice—for all—ever known to humankind.

His love and care for each individual, body, spirit, and soul, independent of all outward factors—sexuality; skin, hair, or eye color; birth or nationality; social status; employment or skills; and all else—was, and is, and forever will be, unequaled. It set a new standard for how people should treat each other, from that time forward. But while He addressed the mind and heart of all human beings through His life and in His teachings, He didn’t do this in a vacuum.

Jesus knows more about suffering than any man who ever lived—partly because He was the only truly innocent man who ever lived. Also, because, even though He was God with us (Emmanuel),[25] Jesus did not exempt Himself but rather entered wholly into what some esteem to be our most wretched state of being. He was born into poverty through political and religious oppression. His dwelling with and empathy with us was (and continues to be) very real and complete.

Not only did Jesus fully experience human difficulties with us, but He also willingly took on Himself or let God attribute to Him all the injustices, all the sins humankind ever has or will commit, every sin imaginable against God’s commandments to love Him and to love one’s fellow human beings. He willingly took on Himself the consequence of our sins by suffering our punishment and dying for all the injustices or sins ever committed against Him and His justice by humankind—the unfaithfulness, idolatry, blasphemy, vanity, pride and self-righteousness, irreverence, murder, adultery, greed, thievery, slander, covetousness, and so much more. All the things that were and are so far removed from His own nature and character that they could have rightfully, (truly) justifiably, deservedly, separated us from Him, from God and our fellow human beings forever.[26]

As foreshadowed in the Old Testament, Jesus, willingly, wholly gave (sacrificed) His innocent life, a life free of any blemish—by being the pure Lamb of God for us; allowing His blood to be spilled for us at the killing place, and His own unleavened, sinless body to be pierced and destroyed, to die in our place. He paid, forever, the wages or consequences of our injustices and sins. As both a man and eternal God, He took death on Himself, for us, in our place—so that we could be forgiven and live, forever.[27]

He entered (and continues to enter) into our pain and suffering to bear it with and for us.[28] He entered into and gave His own life for this cause—so humans, who have sinned, would not be permanently cut off from God and a life that is truly good or just. There has never been and never will be anyone like Him. But He will not—and God will not—force anyone to accept His (free) gift of eternal mercy.

God resurrected Jesus from death and took Him up to dwell with Himself to show His acceptance of Jesus’s works—his perfect life and death on our behalf. Through believing in God’s goodness (justice) and mercy through Jesus, and so repenting of our sins against Him, He will send His Spirit to guide us into true, real, perfect social justice.

It’s through the power of God’s Spirit, God gives through Jesus, that God helps us learn and do His will or what’s truly just and right when our own personal or social resources fail (which they always do). God, through Jesus and His Spirit, is in the business of transforming hearts, lives, and societies from the inside out.[29] This is the only way a whole society can be lovingly and lastingly reformed.

Even though Jesus was the most justified of all to be outraged at the injustice and hatred He experienced and saw among us (humankind), He dealt with it in God’s most unusual way. He returned good for evil. In His great passion for us—the greatest ever known to humankind—instead of becoming angry, defensive, resentful, and reactive, He started a pro-active revolution of love, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, and self-control through example and by giving His life so believers could receive and respond to His Spirit. His Spirit, who will help them understand His Word (in the Bible) and give them a mind and heart like His—full of the love or perfect justice and mercy of God.

And by coming and giving Himself as He did, He demonstrated that in truth, the most wretched state of being is the poverty of being separated from God and each other through the sin (injustice) within us. He came to redeem each of us, and thereby the society of believers in Him, from the worst slavery—bondage to sin—and its consequences. He did this to bring us into His Father’s Kingdom of true and lasting social justice. A kingdom of perfect peace, joy, and love in perfect unity and equality.

In this light, what does Marxism have to do with bringing “woe” into the world? Everything. What does God have to do with bringing “weal”? Everything. Forever.

“In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll,

and out of gloom and darkness

the eyes of the blind will see.

Once more the humble will rejoice in the Lord;

the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

The ruthless will vanish,

the mockers will disappear,

and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down—

those who with a word make someone out to be guilty,

who ensnare the defender in court

and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice.

Those who are wayward in spirit will gain understanding;

those who complain will accept instruction.”

(Isaiah 29:18–21, 24)


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